The Different Forms of Health

Posted on May 6th, 2019 by Jeff Whitfield | Comments

When I was still really sick, not only was I physically feeling horrible but I was depressed as well. Virtually everything in my life suffered as a result: my job, my marriage, my family life, and more.

I doubted my purpose in life and didn’t feel my career was going in a good direction. I would try and give design presentations but always felt ill prepared and ended up just sweating a lot and in fear that I would need to run to the restroom.

My marriage suffered in that I didn’t feel all that close to my wife. She slept on the couch due to the frequent restroom visits I made in the middle of the night. Letting me sleep on my own just made it easier...but it also drove a wedge in our relationship. I felt I had too much space and didn’t feel good about it.

I was also missing out on time with my son. I did my best to take him to school and pick him up but was always in fear that I would have to go to the bathroom while driving. I didn’t feel comfortable taking him places. I couldn’t take him to someplace like a playground unless it had a bathroom close by. Even then, I didn’t feel taking him by myself. My wife or someone else would have to come with us. Even with my wife present, there were lots of days when I just didn’t feel comfortable venturing out of the house. I ended up missing out on wonderful moments with my son.

I didn’t feel in control of my emotions at all. The stupidest things I watched on TV would make me burst out in tears. I mean, I was always emotional before but damn. Movies can always make me cry but it got to the point where whenever a certain part came on I would have to leave the room. Taking Prednisone didn’t help either...that just amplified it.

All of this led to me feeling quite depressed. I hit a wall and hit it hard. In the end, I was sick of being sick. Something needed to change.

While many of the books and articles I read helped, they didn’t prepare me all that well in framing my health in a way that worked. What I came to realize though is that my health wasn’t just one thing. In fact, it was many things. I realized that my health could be classified into different forms of health: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, career health, emotional health, financial health, and more. Each of these play off of each other and create a careful balancing act. When one goes awry then the rest become imbalanced.

Because my physical health sucked, my mental health suffered as well and caused me to be depressed. It was like a domino effect, causing my career health and emotional health to falter. 

My financial health started slipping as well because I wasn’t working as much. In fact, I’m still dealing with that to some degree. I would imagine that others like me suffer from this as well and have put themselves into debt. This is the area of your health that might take more time to balance more than any.

I didn’t have much in the way of spiritual health to begin with so, yeah, the fact that it was virtually non-existent certainly left room for improvement. I had to figure out that part, mainly what does it mean for me to be spiritual?

So, as a first step towards good health, I looked at each of these different areas of my health. I took note of where I was at with each of them. I captured where I was at with my health.

For you, there might be more than just the ones I listed. Maybe there’s a facet of your health that even I didn’t think of. If so, write it down and take note of where you are with that facet of your health. This is the starting point. This is where you get a big picture overview of your health. Capturing your health status and understating it is your first step.

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